Cenk Gündogan, Peter Kietzmann, Thomas C. Schmidt, Martine Lenders, Hauke Petersen, Matthias Wählisch, Michael Frey, Felix Shzu-Juraschek,
Resilient Machine-to-Machine Communication for an Information-centric Industrial IoT,
In: Proc. of the 43rd Annual IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN'18, Demo Session), IEEE Press : Piscataway, NJ, USA, October 2018.
[BibTeX][Abstract] Best Demo Award

Abstract: In this demo, we showcase our lightweight Publish–Subscribe scheme HoPP based on the ICN flavour NDN. We deploy a multi-hop low-power and lossy network using constrained IoT devices operated by the RIOT operating system. An intelligent helmet is equipped with an O$_2$ gas sensor and periodically publishes gas readings to the remote cloud system of our industrial partner. On threshold excitation, the helmet notifies an operator and the network about an alarm situation. We show that all publishings and alarm notifications eventually arrive at the cloud despite of intermittent connectivity and manually induced network disruptions in our multi-hop scenario. A sniffer device provides a live packet trace to a web-based dashboard in order to visualize the topology maintenance and traffic flows.

Themes: Information Centric Networking , Internet of Things


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