Oliver Hahm, Emmanuel Baccelli, Matthias Wählisch, Thomas C. Schmidt, Cedric Adjih,
A Named Data Network Approach to Energy Efficiency in IoT,
In: IEEE GLOBECOM Workshops: Information Centric Networking Solutions for Real World Applications (ICNSRA), IEEE : Washington, USA, December 2016.

Abstract: In the IoT, the trade-off between content availability and energy efficiency plays a crucial role. The standard approach to energy efficiency in the IoT combines low-power radios, network protocols letting devices sleep most of the time, and centralized caching of content, either at a designated proxy or in the cloud via an uplink, which maintains IoT content availability while devices sleep. However, this approach is not possible in a number of IoT scenarios, where a designated gateway/proxy is unavailable most of the time. In this paper, we propose an approach leveraging distributed caching for IoT content, based on an information-centric networking paradigm. We extend the NDN protocol with a variety of caching and replacement strategies, and we discuss alternative approaches for extending NDN to accommodate such IoT use cases. Based on extensive experiments on real IoT hardware in a network gathering hundreds of nodes, we demonstrate these caching strategies can bring 90% reduction in energy consumption while maintaining IoT content availability above 90%.

Themes: Information Centric Networking , Internet of Things


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