Timo Häckel, Luca von Roenn, Nemo Juchmann, Alexander Fay, Rinie Akkermans, Tim Tiedemann, Thomas C. Schmidt,
Coordinating Cooperative Perception in Urban Air Mobility for Enhanced Environmental Awareness,
In: Proc. of International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS), IEEE Press : Piscataway, NJ, USA, June 2024.

Abstract: The trend for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is growing with prospective air taxis, parcel deliverers, and medical and industrial services. Safe and efficient UAM operation relies on timely communication and reliable data exchange. In this paper, we explore Cooperative Perception (CP) for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), considering the unique communication needs involving high dynamics and a large number of UAS. We propose a hybrid approach combining local broadcast with a central CP service, inspired by centrally managed U-space and broadcast mechanisms from automotive and aviation domains. In a simulation study, we show that our approach significantly enhances the environmental awareness for UAS compared to fully distributed approaches, with an increased communication channel load, which we also evaluate. These findings prompt a discussion on communication strategies for CP in UAM and the potential of a centralized CP service in future research.

Themes: Time-Sensitive Networking


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