Oleg Karfich, Till Steinbach, Florian Bartols, Franz Korf, Thomas C. Schmidt,
A Hardware/Software Platform for Real-time Ethernet Cluster Simulation in OMNeT++,
In: SIMUTools 2013 – 6th International OMNeT++ Workshop, p. 334–337, ACM DL : New York, USA, March 5-8 2013.

Abstract: Hardware/Software co-simulation is a popular tool during the integration of a system, when certain parts are already deployed and other parts must be simulated. Popular commercial simulators use dedicated real-time simulation platforms, that are specifically designed for cluster simulation and require expensive hardware. Nevertheless, these systems are mostly inflexible and not designed for the simulation of design changes on the deployed protocol itself. We contribute an open architecture for the simulation of real-time Ethernet based distributed systems, that bases on OMNeT++, an discrete event-based simulation framework, interconnected with an ARM9-based system-on-chip co-processor. Our approach was evaluated by co-simulation of a real-world time-triggered Ethernet with virtual components running in simulation. Further we evaluated the limits of the system when running on COTS-Hardware. The results show that using a standard Linux system with real-time Kernel patch our requirements for the cluster simulation in the automotive domain can be achieved.

Themes: Time-Sensitive Networking


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