Sebastian Meiling, Till Steinbach, Thomas C. Schmidt,
A Scalable Communication Infrastructure for Demand Side Management using Multicast,
In: Proc. of IEEE PES ISGT Europe Conference, Poster Session, Oct. 2012.

Abstract: In Europe, and more specifically in Germany, a general trend is visible towards an energy transition from fossil to regenerative power generation. Regenerative resources such as wind and solar are very dynamic and therefore require an intelligent management of the energy demand. This relies on the coordination of highly distributed energy consuming devices through a smart grid infrastructure. In this work we present an approach for scalable Demand Side Management (DSM) using multicast over public ISP networks. Our concept is based on a prototype implementation of the HAMcast architecture. Accompanied by results from real-world measurements, we discuss the advantages of a multicast-based communication in smart grids for DSM.

Note: 2nd prize for the best poster presentation

Themes: Mobile Multicast , Smart Grid


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