Jakob Otto, Raphael Hiesgen, Dominik Charousset, Thomas C. Schmidt,
Revisiting the Network Stack in CAF,
In: Proc. of the 11th ACM SIGPLAN Conf. on Systems, Programming, and Applications (SPLASH '20), Workshop AGERE!, p. 1–9, ACM : New York, USA, Nov. 2020.

Abstract: Applications increasingly demand distribution across theglobal Internet. The Actor model of computation has beenwisely designed to abstract communication between actorsand hence remains transparent w.r.t. distribution. Perfor-mance, security, and deployment considerations, however,make it difficult to define a specific communication trans-port that should be hardcoded into an actor framework. Itis rather desirable to design appropriate transport abstrac-tions, which allow for flexible choices and configurations oftransport functions on the Internet.In this paper, we report about our ongoing work of re-designing, implementing, and evaluating a network stackthat abstracts transport for the C++ Actor Framework (CAF).The stack allows for the exchanging of transport protocolsand adds configuration options as well as compositions ofprotocols. First comparisons of TCP versus UDP with con-figurable reliability options are provided, as well as an earlyevaluation of its performance.

Themes: Distributed Programming


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