Till Steinbach, Kai Müller, Franz Korf, René Röllig,
Real-time Ethernet In-Car Backbones: First Insights into an Automotive Prototype,
In: 2014 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC), p. 137–138, IEEE Press : Piscataway, New Jersey, December 2014.

Abstract: The communication infrastructure of today's automobiles forms a complex composition of heterogeneously interconnected components. At the same time, demands for higher bandwidth and low-latency communication are emerging from chassis control, camera based driver assistance and infotainment that cannot be accommodated by established technologies. A new approach towards a flexible highly scalable network is real-time Ethernet. The RECBAR research project develops and evaluates concepts and technologies for next-generation in-car backbones. In this demo we show a prototype based on a 2014 Volkswagen Golf 7 series car additionally equipped with high-bandwidth sensors, such as HD cameras and 3D laser scanners. The car uses a backbone network utilising time-triggered real-time Ethernet for the deterministic transmission of messages with hard real-time as well as rate-limiting and best-effort frames for messages with relaxed timing requirements. On the physical layer the setup utilises the OPEN Alliance 100Mbit/s BroadR-Reach (OABR or 100 BASE-T1) in addition to 100 BASE-TX.

Themes: Time-Sensitive Networking


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