Thomas C. Schmidt, Matthias Wählisch, Hans L. Cycon, Mark Palkow,
P2P Mobile Multimedia Group Conferencing: Combining SIP, SSM and Scalable Adaptive Coding for Heterogeneous Networks,
In: Computational Science – ICCS 2007. 7th International Conference, Proceedings, (Yong Shi, Dick van Albada, Peter Sloot, Jack Dongarra Ed.), ser. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 4490, pp. 761-764, Springer-Verlag : Berlin Heidelberg, May 2007.

Abstract: In this paper we present work in progress on extending multimedia conferencing standards to scalable, mobile multimedia group support based on SIP initiated Source Specific IP Multicast. We propose extensions of SIP for negotiating SSM sessions. SIP protocol specifications and semantics are compatibly extended without adding new SIP methods. We will introduce a multimedia communication software with distributed architecture as implementation reference. The software is built on a scalable video codec adaptive to heterogeneous network capacities.

Themes: Mobile Multicast , Video Conferencing over IP , Peer-to-Peer Networking


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