Matthias Wählisch, Sebastian Trapp, Jochen Schiller, Benjamin Jochheim, Theodor Nolte, Thomas C. Schmidt, Osman Ugus, Dirk Westhoff, Martin Kutscher, Matthias Küster, Christian Keil, Jochen Schönfelder,
Vitamin C for your Smartphone: The SKIMS Approach for Cooperative and Lightweight Security at Mobiles,
In: Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM, Demo Session, pp. 271-272, ACM : New York, August 2012.

Abstract: Smartphones are popular attack targets, but usually too weak in applying common protection concepts. SKIMS designs and implements a cooperative, cross-layer security system for mobile devices. Detection mechanisms as well as a proactive and reactive defense of attacks are core components of this project. In this demo, we show a comprehensive proof-of-concept of our approaches, which include entropy-based malware detection, a mobile honeypot, and spontaneous, socio-inspired trust establishment.

Themes: Network Security


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