Hauke Petersen, Peter Kietzmann, Cenk Gündogan, Thomas C. Schmidt, Matthias Wählisch,
Bluetooth Mesh under the Microscope: How much ICN is Inside?,
Technical Report, No. arXiv:1908.09505, August 2019.

Abstract: Bluetooth (BT) mesh is a new mode of BT operation for low-energy devices that offers group-based publish-subscribe as a network service with additional caching capabilities. These features resemble concepts of information-centric networking (ICN), and the analogy to ICN has been repeatedly drawn in the BT community. In this paper, we compare BT mesh with ICN both conceptually and in real-world experiments. We contrast both architectures and their design decisions in detail. Experiments are performed on an IoT testbed using NDN/CCNx and BT mesh on constrained RIOT nodes. Our findings indicate significant differences both in concepts and in real-world performance. Supported by new insights, we identify synergies and sketch a design of a BT-ICN that benefits from both worlds.

Themes: Internet of Things


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