CAF Spotlight: Bro(ker) (interview)

In our second spotlight, we talk to the core development team behind Bro, the popular open source network analysis framework. Starting with version 2.4, Bro includes a new (currently in beta) communication layer based on CAF called Broker. This new layer uses the network abstractions provided by CAF to provide a uniform API to communication in the Bro ecosystem.

Best Paper Award at LCN '15

Till Steinbach et al. "Beware of the Hidden" awarded best paper at this year 40th anniversary IEEE LCN conference.

New RIOT Release

The friendly OS for the IoT got a lot of new features, including a new network stack, better timer subsystem to support more precise timer operations, and better hardware abstraction.

RIOT@Embedded World

RIOT, the friendly operating system for the IoT, is on display at the Embedded World in Nürmberg

RIOT is partner of Ubuntu

The Snappy Ubuntu Core partner ecosystem launched with 21 partners. In this ecosystem for the IoT, RIOT represents the micro-controller operating system to support very constrained devices.

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