Real-Time and Multicast Mobility in IPv6

REALMv6 is an open initiative to investigate an accelerate protocols and deployment in the field of real-time and multicast mobility in IPv6.


REALMv6 Logo

The Research Targets at a Next Generation Mobile Internet:
  • Applications for a Mobile, IPv6-enabled Internet
  • Analysis of handover performance & optimization
  • Concepts and corresponding analysis for evolving IPv6 mobility protocols
  • Defining mobile multicast (ASM and SSM) handover services at clients and sources
  • Enhancing security throughout Internet mobility management
  • Extending common unicast mobility schemes (HMIPv6, FMIPv6, PMIPv6 ...) to service multicast
  • Considering mobility models and analytical methods
  • Looking ahead from mobility & multicast perspectives into a future Internet design