CAF: C++ Actor Framework 0.11 Released

The core components mainly received optimizations and bugfixes. However, CAF now includes the first alpha versions of a runtime inspection & debugging toolkit.


C++ Actor Framework in Network Forensics: CAF and VAST (UC Berkeley) received much attention at SIGCOMM 2014 in Chicago

Re-release of libcppa under the Boost Software License

Version 0.9.3 of libcppa has just been released ... under the Boost Software License. Since the use of LGPL-licensed code is prohibited in many companies, we have decided to re-release libcppa under a license that causes less headache in legal departments.

libcppa 0.9 released

Version 0.9 of libcppa is a redesign of many components of our actor system and features an all-new work-stealing scheduler to achieve better performance.

Co-organizing HotPOST and IEEE LCN

We are co-organizing The 6th International Workshop on Hot Topics in Peer-to-peer computing and Online Social neTworking (HotPOST), which is held in conjunction with IEEE ICDCS, and the 39th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN). Please, consider the CfPs.

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