Mobile Videoconference Solution for SIP-initiated Multicast Group Conferencing

Moviecast LogoThe Research in Moviecast includes:

  • Development of a Mobile Video Conference Stack with focus on Handhelds
  • Strategies for Optimised Mobile Group Communication based on Multicast and Overlay Networks
  • Analysis and Optimisation of the H.264 Codec and Porting to Mobile Devices
  • Group Communication and Handover-Support in SIP/SDP/IMG


The aim of the project Moviecast is the design and development of an Internet based videoconference solution for mobile devices. The solution will consist purely in software, ready to run on standard devices (PDAs) under current operating systems (e.g. Windows Mobile). All software components will be standard compliant. The result of the project will be a highly optimized software library, which encodes and decodes video streams in real-time and supports user and session mobility as well as secured and optimized mobile group communication.

Moviecast addresses the following subproblems:

  • signalling schemes suitable for mobile unicast and multicast communication
  • optimized communication overlay scenarios
  • transport security
  • improvement and implementation of a scalable, highly efficient video codec for mobile devices
  • design of a modal and scalable GUI for adaptive displays on mobile devices


For further information please visit the project Website