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First paper of 2019 accepted
Our work on future networking in cars has been accepted at IEEE Vehicular Technologies Conference (VTC-Spring)
Join us at Embedded World 2019
BMBF features RAPstore
RAPstore - the RIOT App-Store is now online with a feature video by the German Ministry of Research and Education
SecVI Project at Automotive Ethernet Congress
Our Simulation of Secure Automotive Networks using SDN and AI on Display at the AEC in Munich
RIOT: Touching Innovations@Telekom's Representative Office Berlin
RIOT and Rapstore Exhibit at IoT Event "Touching Innovations" - Located in the former 'Kaiserliches Haupttelegraphenamt', Telekom Berlin-Mitte
New RIOT Release (2019.01)
The latest RIOT-OS release 2019.01 was recently published.
Embedded World 2019: RIOT Booth
RIOT at the Embedded World 2019
RIOT: Paper accepted at IFIP Networking
Our paper on ICN-LowPAN - Information Centric Networking in the Constrained IoT - will be part of IFIP Networking 2019
SANE Demo at NetSys2019
Michel presents energy-autonomous RIOT node at the NetSys Conference in Munich
IETF-104: INET@large in Prague
MONICA Meeting @HAW Hamburg
EU large-scale deployment project for smarter, safer cities and wearables assembles in Hamburg
Two Invited Talks at IEEE World Forum on IoT
New RIOT Release (2019.04)
The latest RIOT-OS release 2019.04 was recently published.
ICNLoWPAN @ IFIP Networking
Cenk presents ICNLoWPAN in Warsaw
1. Smart City Workshop Hamburg
Smart citizens and team discuss smart Hamburg options with smart industry and smart politics.
New Release of the RPKI RTRlib (0.7.0)
Release 0.7.0 is out
Paper Accepted at IMC 2019
Joined work with FU-Berlin and DE-CIX analyzed DDoS Countermeasures at Internet Exchange Points - now accepted at the Internet Measurement Conference.
New RIOT Release (2019.07)
The 20th RIOT-OS release 2019.07 was recently published!
Three Papers Accecpted at ACM ICN '19
Our works on Quality of Service, Bluetooth Mesh, and DNSSec Name Binding have been accepted for presentation at the ACM conference on Information Centric Networking in Hongkong
ECO Sensor Box on HVV Buses
RIOT Summit: Kevin Talks on Testing with PHiLIP
PHiLIP enables RIOT testing with reference hardware in the loop
Cenk and Peter Awarded ACM Travel Grants
Cenk and Peter receive funds from ACM to present papers and demos at the ACM conference on Information Centric Networking 2019 in Macau
Raphael Presenting at CAIDA Dust Workshop
Spoofing detection using an active Internet telescope is a new approach to measuring security threats of the Internet infrastructure
ECO Sensor Box: Paper Accepted at ACM SenSys WS ENSsys
Design and evaluation of the ECO Box was accepted for presentation at the ACM SenSys Workshop on Energy Harvesting and Energy-Neutral Sensing Systems (ENSsys) this fall in New York.
Successful Demos at ACM ICN in Macau
Demos on Information Centric Bluetooth LE and QoS-supported Desaster Management in the Information Centric IoT Presented at ACM ICN
Deutsche Welle Reports about RIOT

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