Simulative Assessments of IEEE 802.1 Ethernet AVB and Time-Triggered Ethernet for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and In-Car Infotainment

Investigations into the usage of Ethernet in automo- biles is in progress in academia, the car industry and companies producing automotive electronic devices. The interest in Ethernet is motivated by the high bandwidth and scalability provided. It is a well experienced technology with support for the Internet Protocol (IP) suite. Ethernet as in-car network is expected to breakthrough in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) involving cameras and in the multimedia domain. Both the IEEE Audio Video Bridging (AVB) standard and Time-Triggered Ethernet (TTE) are promising candidates. This paper presents a simulation study aimed to investigate the behavior of these technologies when supporting ADAS and multimedia traffic on star-based networks under varying workload. The performance under different operating conditions is presented and discussed.