The Hypermedia Learning Object System

hylOs logoThe Hypermedia Learning Object System (hylOs) is an adaptive eLearning content management system and runtime environment, built upon a sophisticated information object model tailored from the IEEE LOM (Learning Object Metadata) standard.

hylOs comprises instructional design concepts and tools, a content acquisition and analysis engine for semi-automated generation and annotation of eLearning Objects, as well as an Ontological Evaluation Layer for concluding relations between eLearning Objects, bundled with a sophisticated repository and platform-independent authoring environment.

The rigorous use of the XML technology framework ensures a consistent separation of content, structural information, application logic and design elements. hylOs provides adaptive eLearning functions and may attain any look & feel by applying appropriate XSL transforms. Variable content access views like instructional learning paths or individual content explorations based on semantic nets may be compiled for the hylOs repository. Traditional hyperreferences, which provide a separate layer of content traversal, may be customized within hylOs, as well. Links are represented within contextual containers, each one suitable to express a narrative of a specific hyperlinking scheme.

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