An app store for IoT devices. Based on RIOT.

Topic and Goals of the Project

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a game changer for the Internet. However, to be successful on the long-term, the IoT needs an ecosystem that enables easy and secure adaption of IoT devices to the needs of their consumers. A key enabler to achieve this goal is software.

"In RAPstore, we develop an app store for RIOT, the friendly operating system for the Internet of Things."

In RAPstore, we design, develop, and test an app store for low-end IoT devices. Similar to the mobile market, we aim for a platform that allows application developers to share software with end users, and to allow end users to update their IoT devices more easily compared to the current state of art. In contrast to the mobile market, these applications will run on many more devices with very constrained resources.

We develop our solutions for the most modern operating system of the IoT, RIOT.

Want to know more?

RAPstore is part of the federal high-tech strategy of Germany. The project is funded in the VIP+ program by the German Ministry of Education and Research. This program supports the validation of innovation potential of excellent scientific results, to bridge the gap between research and market. RAPstore is also supported by a mentor, Prof. Manfred Hauswirth.

Two universities are sponsored in RAPstore, Freie Universität Berlin and Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. The RAPstore team consists of people who like to push the IoT forward, including high profiled software engineers, newcomers, and researchers who are experienced in tackling challenges with practical impact.