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Open Topics

Bachelor & Master Theses

You're very welcome to present your own ideas - or start from one of the following

-> Hot Topics <-

  • Privacy-preserving Replicated Data Structures for the IoT with RIOT.
  • High Performance Computing with the C++ Actor Framework.
  • Security and Resilience in Actor Systems: CAF Security Extensions.
  • Smart Communicating Environments with RIOT in the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Implementation of a Firefox-Plugin for Securing Internet Downloads: Shell Code Detection based on a Statistical Data Stream Analysis.

-> Hot Topics <-

Open Topics in Technologies for a Mobile Internet:

The emerging next generation Internet we expect to be mobile. Many protocols and supporting schemes are currently under design, optimization or implementation. At a practical system level, with the help of simulation tools or by conceptional analysis thrilling subjects are around.

  • Implementation and performance analysis of multicast extensions for Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) (see protocol draft).
  • Implementation and performance analysis of multicast extensions for Fast Handovers for (Proxy) Mobile IPv6 (FMIPv6) (see protocol draft).
  • Moviecast - Video conferencing applications: Rich clients with optimized codecs for real-time use on different handheld systems.
  • Towards a co-operative immune system for mobile devices: Security & protection in an unsafe, wireless world.
  • Concept & realization of the Tree Morphing Protocol for mobile SSM sources on the XORP routing platform based on an existing implementation at the OMNET++ Network Simulator platform.
  • Group communication in overlay networks & peer-to-peer routing.

Open Topics in Peer-to-Peer & Hybrid Networks, and Experimental Deployment on PlanetLab & G-LAB:

Beyond the current state of the Internet, overlay networks evolve on the application layer. New, efficient and highly scalable peer-to-peer networks give rise to a wide variety of promising, infrastructure-transparent communication schemes, but may also augment network layer limitations. They can be immediately deployed and realistically tested on a world-wide platform, as we are member of the PlanetLab and the G-LAB consortia.

  • Mobile IPTV: A peer-to-peer streaming solution for the iPhone (or ...).
  • Test and analysis of enhanced communication services with hybrid deployment in underlay and overlay.
  • Internet traffic measurements at inter-provider crossings (peering points).
  • Monitoring and analysis of Internet Backbone route changes: Stability & security of BGP updates.
  • Overlay AuthoCast: Authenticated security for overlay multicast packets.
  • Optimized multipath transport in peer-to-peer content disctribution.
  • DHT-inspired routing: Experimenting for a Future Generation Internet.
  • Peer-to-peer SIP: Design and implementation of current extensions for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).
  • SIP-based peer-to-peer group conferencing solutions.
  • DHT-based overlay multicast: A race for scalability, efficiency and robustness.
  • Design and implementation of prefix-based distribution trees based on existing distributed hash table routing (Pastry).
  • Design, implementation and analysis of hybrid multicast group communication protocols.

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