Advanced Internet and IoT Technologies

Integrated Lecture and Lab - Master of Computer Science

General Information

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Schedule (week-by-week)

KW Topic Recording Paper Background Lab
15 Introduction E2E Principle Warriors of the Net
16 IPng: IPv6 and beyond Video RFC1883, RFC8200 IPv6 World Congress '11
17 Internet of Things Video Full Duplex Wireless 50 Years Internet @UCLA Connect to IPv6
19 Projects MiniLoon 6LoWPAN & CoAP
20 IoT Routing Video RPL Analysis Analysis of IoT Home Networks
21 Projects Measuring Censorship Devices Programming the IoT
22 Web of Things Video Semantic InterOp RESTful Inf-Centric WoT
23 Mcast to ICN Video Hybrid ICN ICN'20 Keynote
24 Internet Mobility Video Location-independent Network Apple's AWDL Discover Resources
25 SDN Video SDN in the stratosphere SDN Shapes Networking
26 Network Economy Video Quantum Internet Architecture Jared Mauch gets Fiber
27 Projects MiniLearn

Les KAISTroubles

28 Presentations Internet Inter-Domain Traffic

Lab Tasks

Topic Lab Task Further Reference
Connect to IPv6 Assignment 01
6LoWPAN & CoAP Assignment 02
Programming the IoT Assignment 03
Discover Resources Assignment 04