TTE4INET - TTEthernet Model released for OMNeT++/INET

The Core & INET RGs announce a new open source software: TTE4INET - The TTEthernet Model for the OMNeT++/INET Simulation Framework

TTE4INET is an extension to the INET-Framework for the event-based simulation of time-triggered Ethernet ( TTEthernet) in the OMNEST/OMNeT++ simulation system.

Further reading and reference (please cite when using the model):

  • Till Steinbach, Hermand Dieumo Kenfack, Franz Korf, Thomas C. Schmidt,
    An Extension of the OMNeT++ INET Framework for Simulating Real-time Ethernet with High AccuracyIn: SIMUTools 2011 -- 4th International OMNeT++ Workshop, New York, USA:ACM DL, March 21-25 2011.


More information: